Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1001 buildings you should see before you die : Encyclopedia

I both hate and love these kind of books - or encyclopedias.
When I was a child I could sit for hours and hours just ploughing threw the Swedish National Encyclopedia. I could start by reading about a country in the far east and end up by in an overwhelming article about binary numbers.

The way encyclopedia minimize your choices and freedom of knowledge.

Securely hidden in a countable set of pages.

I long for knowledge to surprise me - I don't want to seek it by myself anymore.

This summer I've been reading "1001 Buildings you HAVE to see before you DIE" while working in a café with carpricious visitors. This café is situated in the Art Museum of Norrköping and the number of visitors are very much due to the weather situation. Sometimes I can sit for hours just waiting for someone to fika and other days I've a quarter of an hour of calmness and reading.
Either way, I've discovered that the form of the encylopedia is very agreeable in these kind of situations. It's flexible - the chapters (articles) are short but informative in its nature. I'm the easily disturbed kind and while reading a novel with intricate plot and complexe characters I need complete silence and focus.

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